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Set Your Employees Up for Success in Your New Office Rental in NYC

Office space is a significant business expense so now that you've found the perfect office rental in NYC, you want to make the most of it. Signing that rental agreement [...]

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Your Startup Coworking Space May Be Small, But You Can Still Make a Big Impact Online!

So you're establishing your startup in coworking space. And you love it even if it is small. It's perfect for now because you know that your business is going to [...]

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Using the Olympics to Create Team Spirit

As the 2016 Olympic games are underway in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, viewers around the world will be tuning in to watch their favorite teams compete for pinnacle prize of [...]

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How To Not Fall Asleep At Meetings: A Comprehensive Guide

Molly Schneider is a meeting snoozer. She works as a marketing researcher at a major PR firm in Miami. She’s an active lady, regularly runs half marathons, volunteers at an [...]

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If Management Frameworks Were TV Shows...

Management Frameworks are decisive ways to boost employee moral, designate raises and develop and maintain hierarchy. However, they’re not the most cut-and-dry systems. We at Turnkey Office Space have come [...]

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Virtual Office Space Helps Broaden Company's Reach

A leader in helping companies find office space, Turnkey Office Space, released a recent statement asserting that virtual offices are becoming a trend for companies who want to increase their [...]

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How to Get Out of Work to Watch FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup. It only comes once every four years. The most anticipated athletic event aside from The Olympics, The World Cup garners billions of viewers and inspires thousands [...]

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Are E-cigarettes Acceptable in the Workplace Culture?

The electronic cigarette aka the “e-cigarette” or “vapor stick” has become one of the most popular new inventions since it debuted on shelves of department and convenience stores around 2006. [...]

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Are You An Office Gossip Monger?

Office gossip: a petty issue or a legitimate problem? Recently, it seems like the latter. Last year, a Google employee was fired after forwarding her mom an email about Lady [...]

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The Plight of The New Working Parent

Lately, the internet has been abuzz with chatter over what it means to be a parent in the work place. Much of it was ignited by AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong’s [...]

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