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The Virtual Office: Do You Need One?

A virtual office might be just what you need to impress potential clients and investors who, let's face it, aren't all that easy to impress these days. As consumers, we’ve [...]

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Can Coworking Spaces Skyrocket Creativity?

Did you know that coworking spaces can boost creativity? It’s true. And that’s more important than ever now when almost one of every three employees in the U.S. works outside [...]

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Hosting Meetings Without Wasting Everyone's Time

That word makes many of us cringe. Some of us can recount days of endless meetings that never seemed to solve any problems, but they excel at preventing us from [...]

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Designing a Productive Office Environment

Your office is more than the place you do business. It’s the heart of your company. If the heart doesn’t pump energy to the rest of the body (you and [...]

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4D Printing and a New Wave of Office Technology

Technology advancement never ceases to amaze business professionals when it comes to everyday practical use.  Remember the days where office equipment technology was at its infancy?  As the 21st century [...]

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Is Telecommuting Good?

Working from home. A dream for some people, a time management nightmare for others. It takes a kind of resilience and penchant for solitude to work from home. It can [...]

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The Best Apple Products Of All Time

“Later this year, we’ve got the best product pipeline that I’ve seen in my 25 years at Apple.” These words were said by Apple’s senior vice president, Eddy Cue just [...]

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How To Siphon Productivity From Food

It’s 2pm. You woke up this morning riveting with energy and zeal for whatever the day might bring. Now you’re tired, cranky and worst of all, unmotivated. Why do our [...]

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Virtual Office Space Helps Broaden Company's Reach

A leader in helping companies find office space, Turnkey Office Space, released a recent statement asserting that virtual offices are becoming a trend for companies who want to increase their [...]

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How to Get Out of Work to Watch FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup. It only comes once every four years. The most anticipated athletic event aside from The Olympics, The World Cup garners billions of viewers and inspires thousands [...]

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