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Before Your Rent an Office Space, Look for These Warning Signs

There are some warning signs to look for before you rent an office space. After all, there’s nothing more stressful than having a poor relationship with your landlord. You can [...]

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The Number 1 Reason You Need to Find an Office Space

The issue of whether you need to find an office space in the 21st century has sparked a lot of debate and while many factors influence the decision, ultimately the [...]

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Top 5 Signs You’re Gonna Need Turnkey Office Solutions

Not sure why you need Turnkey Office solutions? Think of Roy Scheider causally chumming the Atlantic Ocean when Jaws suddenly surfaces – gnashing his terrible teeth. Roy walks backward slowly [...]

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Figuring Out the Costs of an Unfurnished or Fully Furnished Office for Rent

When you begin dreaming about working in a new office space, you’ll likely have visions of trendy layouts and the included extras you'll get in a fully furnished office for [...]

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5 Benefits of Working in a Shared Office Space in NYC

Are you looking for a traditional office or a shared office space in NYC? If you need to set up an office in the city, you should consider shared office [...]

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Is Telecommuting Good?

Working from home. A dream for some people, a time management nightmare for others. It takes a kind of resilience and penchant for solitude to work from home. It can [...]

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Turnkey Office Space Comments on Recent San Francisco Commercial Office Space Report

A report released earlier this month has found San Francisco office rents are projected to surpass New York City office rents in the near future. Turnkey Office Space, a nationwide [...]

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Avoiding The Commuting Plague in Chicago

“My commute is killing me!” Words we have uttered far too often. For the vast population of people who live in the suburbs and drive to the city, there is [...]

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Turnkey Office Space Releases Statement on High Growth Industries in 2014

As a leading countrywide online search service for businesses in need of office space, Turnkey Office Space recently released a statement commenting on the supply and demand of office space [...]

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Best Underdog Cities For Your New Office

Is the high cost of living getting you or your business down? Dreaming about relocating but not sure of where to? The US is abundant with cities and towns that’ll [...]

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