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What Do Millennials Look For When they Search for Office Space?

When on a search for office space, do millennials look for the same thing as everyone else or are they pushing work environments to change the trends for all of [...]

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Before Your Rent an Office Space, Look for These Warning Signs

There are some warning signs to look for before you rent an office space. After all, there’s nothing more stressful than having a poor relationship with your landlord. You can [...]

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Mad About Your Furry Friend? Spread the Love at These 3 Pet-Friendly Office Spaces in NYC

If you’re ready to move to a new office space but can’t bear to leave your dog home alone all day, we know of some pet-friendly office spaces in NYC [...]

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Why A Build Out Office Space May Not Be Your Best Office Space Solution

If you need more office space, there may be a better and more affordable option than build out office space. Companies have gone back and forth over the years on [...]

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Shared Office Space Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Have you ever thought about moving to a shared office space? As your business grows, the desk in your spare bedroom or basement may seem increasingly inadequate for running your [...]

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How Much Fully Furnished Office Space Do You Need?

When you begin your search for fuly furnished office space, one of the first questions you’ll consider is “How much space do we need?” If you rent a fully furnished [...]

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Why More Companies Are Using Executive Office Suites

What's with all the talk about executive office suites and coworking? Well, the way we do office space is changing. I’m not just talking about razor scooters and beanbag chairs; [...]

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Optimize Your Office With Data-Driven Design

When it comes to business success, cash is king. Smart business owners minimize overhead costs wherever possible and keep a close eye on cash flow. But there’s a common cash [...]

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Childcare in a Coworking Space? Here's How Some Companies are Making it Work

Flexible and remote jobs have broad appeal in today’s economy, but they’re especially enticing to parents. This demographic values the ability to make their own schedules so they can accommodate [...]

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Sales: Are You Ready to Take it Seriously?

Have you been dragging your feet when it comes to selling for your business? Sure, you may have earned your revenue from word-of-mouth client referrals, contacts in your network, or [...]

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