Office Furniture: 5 Pieces You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

June 01, 2018 in OFFICE SPACE


Furnishing your new office can be fun and exciting when you find amazing office furniture ideas and products you didn’t even know you needed. Here are five clever ideas that will make your office fun, functional and even downright cool.

  1. DeskView – Portable standing desk

There’s some research showing that sitting all day can be bad for your health. Here’s a clever take on providing a stand-up desk option and it could mean having a great view as well. The DeskView will adhere to a window or even other surfaces like marble or paneling and just like that, you have a cool standing desk. DeskView can also be handy if you need to provide an extra workspace for a guest or colleague.

  1. Office Chairs designed by Ferrari

Ok, so maybe you can’t afford a Ferrari just yet, but you may be able to afford a desk chair that feels like a Ferrari. The Ferrari design team has partnered with Poltrona Frau to bring to market executive desk chairs that deliver the very best in ergonomics and the beauty of a Ferrari cockpit.

  1. Reduce Clutter with the Float Shelf for iMacs & Apple Displays

The Float Shelf is a cool KickStarter product that will allow you to add some much needed shelf and storage space. The product is made with anodized aluminum to match your Mac product and so it won’t look out of place. It’s easy to install; no tools or connectors needed. The Float Shelf just slides into place and uses geometry and gravity to attach and keep it secure.

  1. Need a flexible workspace or desk solutions? The Edge Desk may fit the bill

The Edge Desk is designed for the person that sometimes needs to work at a computer, but at other times may to do design or drawing work. The Edge Desk gives you everything in one simple easy-to-set-up package. The Edge desk is also very portable and can be moved around to set up a space almost anywhere, even out of doors.

  1. Who had the Tardis to do his work – You can have the TalkBox

If you need some peace and quiet to get work done and space is at a premium, then the TalkBox could be the right fit. This innovative product will give you a distraction-free work environment for a fairly reasonable price and you will love the cool, space-efficient design.  The TalkBox could be a good solution for an open work environment that also needs to affordably provide some space that is more quiet and private.

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