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Set Your Employees Up for Success in Your New Office Rental in NYC

Office space is a significant business expense so now that you've found the perfect office rental in NYC, you want to make the most of it. Signing that rental agreement [...]

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What Do Millennials Look For When they Search for Office Space?

When on a search for office space, do millennials look for the same thing as everyone else or are they pushing work environments to change the trends for all of [...]

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Your Search for a Furnished Office Rental Was a Success? Now Let's Set a Dress Code

When you’re running your business smoothly in your new furnished office rental, it’s tough to make time for trivialities like how people dress. Most people can dress appropriately for an [...]

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Why Working from Home Bites!

So your friends are jealous because you get to work from home every day. But what they don’t get is that working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to [...]

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10 Awesome Event Ideas for Your Cowork Space

Do you love your cowork space and being around your unique group talented coworkers,? Do you wish you could find some fun ways to get to know them better outside [...]

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Smart Strategies to Improve Employee Retention

If it hasn’t happened already, at some point one of your employees will leave your business. You might receive a thorough explanation, but most of the time you’ll only get [...]

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Using the Olympics to Create Team Spirit

As the 2016 Olympic games are underway in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, viewers around the world will be tuning in to watch their favorite teams compete for pinnacle prize of [...]

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When To Take A Break At Work

Many of us are spending more and more of our workdays sitting in front of a desk managing tasks virtually. In fact, the recently coined phrase “actively sedentary” refers to [...]

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How To Not Fall Asleep At Meetings: A Comprehensive Guide

Molly Schneider is a meeting snoozer. She works as a marketing researcher at a major PR firm in Miami. She’s an active lady, regularly runs half marathons, volunteers at an [...]

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The Best Jobs for Fresh College Graduates

Youth. Workforce. Unemployment: three words that don’t sound that great together. But in this current economic climate, new college graduates have to face the facts, that landing your dream job [...]

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