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Set Your Employees Up for Success in Your New Office Rental in NYC

Office space is a significant business expense so now that you've found the perfect office rental in NYC, you want to make the most of it. Signing that rental agreement [...]

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The Virtual Office: Do You Need One?

A virtual office might be just what you need to impress potential clients and investors who, let's face it, aren't all that easy to impress these days. As consumers, we’ve [...]

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Why More Companies Are Using Executive Office Suites

What's with all the talk about executive office suites and coworking? Well, the way we do office space is changing. I’m not just talking about razor scooters and beanbag chairs; [...]

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Your Startup Coworking Space May Be Small, But You Can Still Make a Big Impact Online!

So you're establishing your startup in coworking space. And you love it even if it is small. It's perfect for now because you know that your business is going to [...]

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Figuring Out the Costs of an Unfurnished or Fully Furnished Office for Rent

When you begin dreaming about working in a new office space, you’ll likely have visions of trendy layouts and the included extras you'll get in a fully furnished office for [...]

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5 of the Coolest Coworking Spaces in NYC

Looking for the coolest coworking spaces in NYC? Whether you’re a creative type, a savvy entrepreneur or an edgy professional, if you’re looking for an awesome new space in the [...]

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10 Awesome Event Ideas for Your Cowork Space

Do you love your cowork space and being around your unique group talented coworkers,? Do you wish you could find some fun ways to get to know them better outside [...]

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Can Coworking Spaces Skyrocket Creativity?

Did you know that coworking spaces can boost creativity? It’s true. And that’s more important than ever now when almost one of every three employees in the U.S. works outside [...]

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12 Common Office Leasing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Renting office space is an exciting time for your business, but it’s also one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. After payroll, it’s likely to be your largest [...]

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The Briefcase Replacement: A Low Down

These days fashion is synonymous with office culture. Does your getup match your furnished office? Maybe you need to take a harder look. Sick of throwing on that backpack every [...]

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